Escambia Academy
"A solid foundation"
est. 1970

Welcome to Escambia Academy

Today's winner for the final drawing of the 30 Guns for 30 Days fund raiser is Bryan Bond with ticket number 1678. Bryan won a Remington 700 SPS 30-06. Congratulations Bryan, you will be contacted by EA with instructions on how to claim your gun. Today's gun was generously donated by Friends of Escambia Academy. This concludes the 30 Guns for 30 Days Raffle. Heartfelt thanks to all who made the raffle an amazing success. Funds earned from the raffle will go to the general fund to pay off debt. The raffle drawing process was overseen by the Headmaster, 3 members of the Board of Directors and an external CPA. We plan to adopt this raffle as our annual fundraiser due to the popularity and success of the program.

Escambia Academy, providing a safe, Christian environment in which to learn and grow. Preregistration for 2015-2016 school year is underway. Call 251-368-2080 to find out more on how to join us.

30 Guns for 30 Days Winners to date:
April 1- David Murphy
April 2- Anthony Lowery
April 3- Blaine Crum
April 4- Tony Lathan
April 5- Billy Dreadin
April 6- T.J. Thompson
April 7- Jimmy Horton
April 8- Brenda Thompson
April 9- Nancy Helton
April 10- Charles Darby
April 11-Mike McCall
April 12- Tim McCullough
April 13- Randal Barnett
April 14- Thomas Caskey
April 15- Robert Cash
April 16- Rod Higdon
April 17-Mike Beech
April 18- Leo Luker
April 19- Justin Beasley
April 20- Jerry Janes
April 21- Becky Drake
April 22- Keith Vension
April 23- Lawrence Peebles
April 24- Kevin Ard
April 25-John Sasser
April 26- Roy Yates
April 27- Clint Roundtree
April 28- Becky Moye
April 29- Gary Donaldson
April 30- Bryan Bond

Escambia Academy has been providing a solid foundation for its students for 40 years. We are an independent, co-educational, day school, providing a quality education from K-4 to 12th grade. The school is structured into elementary, middle and high school divisions. It is a non-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors and supported by tuition, fees, donations and fund raising.

Escambia Academy is fully accredited by the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Escambia Academy's mission is to provide a solid foundation through a quality well-rounded educational experience in a safe, Christian environment, supported by a fully accredited academic program that is financially viable and dedicated to the students' intellectual and personal growth and development.